the History of
Shiloh temple C.O.G.I.C


 Shiloh Temple Church of God in Christ was founded in 1969 by the late Honorable Bishop W. Wesley Sanders. Shiloh began at the intersections of 25th and Salisbury Streets in St. Louis, MO.  Many souls were saved under the anointed preaching of the gospel by Bishop W. Wesley Sanders. As a servant leader, he was greatly used by God.
Many pastors, evangelists and saints were birthed at Shiloh Temple, and are now serving throughout Christendom. Bishop W. Wesley Sanders served the pastorate of Shiloh Temple for 31 years.
Bishop W. Wesley Sanders was born in Lexington, Mississippi to Deacon Richard, Jr. & Mrs. Inez Miller Sanders. He was married to the late Mother Ida Maxine Sanders for 34 years. Bishop and Mother Sanders are survived by three sons (Eric, Timothy and Paul); one son preceded them in death (Darren).
In 1999, Bishop W. Wesley Sanders took the position as Senior Pastor in order to better serve the Eastern Missouri-Western Illinois Jurisdiction, thereby appointing Elder Marvin Sanders as Pastor to serve the local work. Bishop W. Wesley Sanders departed this life to be with the Lord on Sunday, September 17, 2000.

Sarah and Washington

Shiloh is presently located at the southwest corner of Sarah Avenue and Washington Boulevard in the near Central West End area of St. Louis. This historical stone structure formerly was First Presbyterian Church from 1888 to 1928. After the westward move in 1928, the church became the home of the Giddings Presbyterian Church named after the founder of Presbyterianism in Missouri. Thereafter, other congregations worshipped in this beautiful edifice, until Shiloh occupied it in 1979.

Bishop Marvin Sanders

Bishop Marvin Sanders, our Shepherd today, has proven faithful and loyal in service and leadership throughout all his years at Shiloh. He is a highly respected and committed man of God, who humbly serves God and the community through the diverse ministries at Shiloh, resulting in a fast growing congregation. His wife, Evangelist Angela Sanders is an inspiration to him, the church and the community.
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